Who Are We?

We are three native English speakers living in Germany and raising children bilingually. Having school-aged children, some who attend an International School and some who attend different public schools, we're in the unique position to observe how English is being taught. We can see what works and where there are gaps.


Over the years, we have been asked to teach English to our children’s friends and to friends of friends, and often, we did. But we simply can't keep up with the demand, so that is how the idea of FUNkey English came about! We combined our energy and experiences in creating a fun system for teaching English effectively. Because...why reinvent the wheel over and over and over again?!


Chris and Elke both have teaching experience ranging from preschool kids to adults. Carin's business experience ensures that we stay level-headed and cross all our "t"s and dot our "i"s. Elke is happy to be able to "draw" upon her love of drawing in this venture, which evokes a great sense of awe in Carin and Chris when she asks if this new picture is "okay". And Chris loves to have any excuse to play around making up songs and poems, while calling her teacher training into play putting together lesson plans.


Coming soon: FUNkey Deutsch!